luc Van Put


digital art, digital imaging, digital photography, fine arts, photography, and visual arts


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Van Cortbeemdelei 176,
2100, Deurne - Antwerp, Belgium



+32 498828644
I made a complete switch in my career in 1991 when I
decided to register

for a  course of
photography  at the ‘Academy of Fine
Arts’ in Antwerp,where  my first year was
started in evening-class.

In 1995 I accomplished the first cycle with ‘distinction’.
There up on , to complete the education, two more years of specialization
followed. At the ended with high distinction as a result.

Really obsessed by photography I still try to bring my
skill and knowledge to high level in continuing my ever looking for “from light
to dark”  as a target.

My favorite theme is conceptual photography, however,
this does not mean that this is to be interpreted strictly. In foregoing years
I participated in different group-expositions. I also spent a lot of time in
dance- and theatre photography whereby I had the occasion of working with
several choreographers and artists as Jan Fabre, Thierry Smiths (Comp.Thor.),
Hush Hush Hush, Natasha Pire  and others
for which photos where published.  For
some Cultural Centers I even worked on a rather regular basis.

For the moment I am trying to expand my work.